(syn. Ploceus Ϯ African Golden Weaver P. subaureus) German name Oriolin given to these weavers by Reichenbach 1863, from their golden-yellow plumage, pendulous nests and oriole-like bill (cf. Mod. L. oriolinus  oriole-like  < genus Oriolus Linnaeus, 1766, oriole); "LXV.  Oriolinus RCHB.  Pirolin.  ...  314. O. subaureus (Ploceus -- A. SM. Proceed. S.-Afr. Instit. Apr. 1832. S.-Afr. Ill. t. 30. f. 1 ♂.) RCHB.  ...  315-16. O. capensis  ...  Der Cap-Oriolin.  ...  317-18. O. aurifrons  ...  Der goldstirnige Oriolin." (Reichenbach 1863); "Oriolinus Reichenbach, 1863, Handb. Orn. [= Singvögel], p. 84. Type, by subsequent designation, Ploceus subaureus Smith (Sharpe, 1890, Cat. Birds Brit.Mus., 13, p. 437)." (Moreau in Peters 1962, XV, 33).

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