L. ortyx, ortygis  quail  < Gr. ορτυξ ortux, ορτυγος ortugos  quail.
● (syn. Colinus Ϯ Northern Bobwhite C. virginianus) "ORTYX.  COLIN.  ...  TETRAO. Linn. Gmel. Shaw.  PERDIX. Lath. Temm. Briss.  COTURNIX. Raii. Briss.  ...  They perch on trees, and are all natives of America.  NORTHERN COLIN. (Ortyx Borealis.)  ...  Virginian Partridge. Catesb. Carol. 3. pl. 12. - Lath. Gen. Syn. 4. 777. 22  ...  by the natives of New England they are called bob-white. Their flesh is very good, and much esteemed" (Stephens 1819).
● (syn. Turnix Ϯ Striped Buttonquail T. sylvaticus) "1. Gattung.  Ortyx, Turnix, Tridactylus, Queil.  ...  1. Art. Tetrao, Perdix gibraltarica, gibr. Wachtel" (Oken 1816).

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