(syn. Ploceus Ϯ Compact Weaver P. superciliosus) Gr. παχυς pakhus  large, thick; ὑφαντης huphantēs  weaver  < ὑφαινω huphainō  to weave; "Genus XIV.  PACHYPHANTESPachyphantes, gen. nov. . . .Type. P. superciliosus  ...  Genus XX. PACHYPHANTES.  Characterised by the very stout bill and in the throat being black in full plumaged birds of both sexes. It is similar to Hyphantornis in general structure, but is rather compactly built and resembles Othyphantes in the females having as much black on the head as in the males, in this case more, the crown being black in full plumaged females and yellow in the males." (Shelley 1896); "Pachyphantes Shelley, 1896, Birds Africa, 1, p. 36. Type, by original designation, Hyphantornis superciliosus Shelley." (Moreau in Peters 1962, XV, 33).

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