(Parulidae; Ϯ Northern Waterthrush P. noveboracensis) Dr Kenneth Carroll Parkes (1922-2007) US ornithologist; "The evidence reviewed above implies that the generic name Seiurus should be restricted to Ovenbird; Seiurus thus becomes a monotypic genus. The synonymy of Seiurus includes five names  ...  Enicocichla G. R. Gray, 1840  ...  Siurus Strickland, 1841  ...  Senurus Reichenbach, 1849  ...  Henicocichla Cabanis, 1851  ...  and Exochocichla van der Hoeven, 1855.  ...  None of these, however, is applicable to the waterthrushes. Because no generic name is currently available for the Northern and Louisiana Waterthrushes, this group may be known as:  Parkesia, gen. nov.   Type species  Motacilla noveboracensis J. F. Gmelin, 1789 (currently Seiurus noveboracensis)  ...  It is a great pleasure to name this taxon for the late Kenneth C. Parkes, former curator at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, to honour his lasting contributions to avian taxonomy, moult terminology, hybridisation and faunistics. Attachment of his name to the waterthrushes is appropriate given his long interest in Parulidae. The gender of the name Parkesia is feminine." (Sangster 2008).

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