(Pedionomidae; Ϯ Plains-wanderer P. torquatus) Gr. πεδιονομος pedionomos  plain-dwelling  < πεδιον pedion plain  < πεδον pedon  ground  < πους pous, ποδος podos  foot; νομος nomos dwelling place, pasture  < νεμω nemō  to consume; "And a Rasorial bird of an entirely new form, about half the size of a Quail, and which, were it not for the presence of a hind toe, might be taken for a diminutive bustard.  Mr. Gould proposed to make it the type of a new genus, with the following appellation and characters:  Genus PEDIONOMUS.  Gen Char.— Rostrum tam longum quam caput, apicem versus compressum, fere rectum, naribus valde elongatis, in fovea basali positis. Alæ valde concavæ, remigibus primo, secundo, et tertio, inter se fere æqualibus, remigibus tertiariis perlongis, et primarios transeuntibus. Tibiæ super suffraginem nudæ. Tarsi mediocriter elongati, scutis undique tecti, his, reticulis minutis, sejunctis. Digiti quatuor; horum posticus, debilis, et apud partem internam tarsi, sursum positus.   PEDIONOMUS TORQUATUS.  ...  Hab. The plains of the interior of South Australia." (Gould 1841); "The structure of this singular little bird is admirably adapted for inhabiting those extensive and arid plains which characterize the central portions of Australia  ...  The lengthened and courser-like legs of the Collared Plain-Wanderer are admirably suited for running, while its short, round and concave wings are as little adapted for extensive flight. Its general contour suggests the idea of a diminutive Bustard." (Gould 1865); "Pedionomus Gould, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1840 (1841), p. 114. Type, by monotypy, Pedionomus torquatus Gould." (Peters 1934, II, 150).
Synon. Turnicigralla.

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