(Pellorneidae; Ϯ Puff-throated Babbler P. ruficeps) Gr. πελλος pellos  dark-coloured, dusky; ορνεον orneon  bird  < ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "Genus, PELLORNEUM*.  ...  Type.- Pellorneum ruficeps, above brown, beneath fulvous white, striped with brown; chin white immaculate; front and crown rufous  ...  This genus represents, or rather passes into Phyllastrephus; thus connecting the Crateropodinæ and the Brachypodinæ. From the former it is distinguished by its more slender thrush-like feet, its small slightly curved claws, &c. The general appearance of the only species I have yet seen, and which is from India, is that of a small thrush, but resembling a Timalia  ...  *Th. πελλος fuscus, et ορνεον avis" (Swainson 1831).
Var. Pelorneum, Pellornium.
Synon. Bessethera, Cinclidia, Drymocataphus, Scotocichla.

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Recommended citation
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