(Petroicidae; Ϯ Norfolk Island Robin P. multicolor) Gr. πετρα petra  rock, crag; οικος oikos  dwelling  < οικεω oikeō  to inhabit; "PETROICA multicolor.  Scarlet-breasted Robin.   Family Sylviadæ.   GENERIC CHARACTER.  Bill slender, the sides compressed, the tip gradually bent, and beset with bristles at the base. Wings long; the first quill spurious; the second intermediate in length between the sixth and seventh. Tarsi elevated, the inner toe manifestly shorter than the external toe. Tail broad, even  ...  Mr Caley mentions that he saw "this bird in November" (our European summer), "when far distant in the mountains, in the roughest part of the country I had then or since visited." Linn. Tr. 15. p. 245.  Mr. Caley, moreover, as if perfectly aware of its natural affinities, names it the Australian Redstart." (Swainson 1829).   
Var. Petroeca.   
Synon. Belchera, Erythrodryas, Littlera, Miro, Myiomoira, Myioscopus, Nesomiro, Whiteornis.

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