(Trochilidae; Ϯ Long-tailed Hermit P. superciliosus) Gr. φαεθων phaethōn  sun  < φαω phaō  to shine; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "97. Cynanthus bifurcatus.   ...   This is an aberrant species, touching the genus Phæthornis, Sw., or that group of which Troch. superciliosus of Authors forms the type." (Swainson 1827 (Philos. Mag., 1, 441)); "PHŒTHORNISRostrum elongatum, arcuatum. Cauda elongata, gradata vel cuneata.   Types. 1. T. superciliosus, L.   2. Col. tacheté? Temm., Pl. col. 120. f. 3.   3. T. chrysobronchos, Shaw." (Swainson 1827 (Zool. Journ., III, 357)); "Phæthornis Swainson, Philos. Mag. (n.s.). 1, June, 1827, p. 441. Type, by original designation, "Troch. superciliosus of Authors" i.e. Trochilus superciliosus Linné." (Peters 1945, V, 7).   
Var. Phaetornis, Phoethornis, Phoetornis, Phaethornus, Phaedornis, Phrethornis.   
Synon. Anisoterus, Eremita, Guyornis, Mesophila, Milornis, Momus, Ptyonornis, Pygmornis, Toxoteuches.

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