(Caprimulgidae; Ϯ Common Poorwill P. nuttallii) Gr. φαλαινα phalaina  moth; πτιλον ptilon  plumage; "266. PHALÆNOPTILUS nuttalli (Aud.) Ridgw. — This species is decidedly peculiar in its salient points of structure, having a lengthened, naked tarsus, like Nyctidromus, a characteristically velvety plumage, short, even tail, and unique wing-formula; features which, taken together, render it a very well-marked genus, which may be characterized as follows: —  PHALÆNOPTILUS, gen. nov.  CH.— Differing from Caprimulgus and "Antrostomus" in the short, even tail (much shorter than the wing), and lengthened, perfectly naked tarsus (longer than the middle toe), the first quill shorter than the fourth, and the plumage with a peculiar, velvety, moth-like surface.   Type, Caprimulgus nuttalli, Aud." (Ridgway 1880).
Var. Phalaenopterus (Gr. πτερον pteron  wing).

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