(Phoenicopteridae; Ϯ American Flamingo P. ruber) L. phoenicopterus  flamingo  < Gr. φοινικοπτερος phoinikopteros  flamingo  < φοινιξ phoinix, φοινικος phoinikos  crimson; -πτερος -pteros  -winged  < πτερον pteron  wing; "72. PHOENICOPTERUS.  Rostrum denudatum, infracto-incurvatum.  Pedes palmati, tetradactyli." (Linnaeus 1758); "Phoenicopterus Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, p. 139. Type, by monotypy, Phoenicopterus ruber Linnaeus." (Kahl in Peters 1979, I, ed. 2, 269). Linnaeus's Phoenicopterus comprised a single species. Despite its erratic appearance and breeding habits, the Greater Flamingo P. roseus was well known to the ancients, and served up as a delicacy at the tables of the wealthy.
Var. Phönicopterus, Phenicopterus, Phaenicopterus.
Synon. Gervaisia, HarrisonavisPhoenicorodias.

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