(Muscicapidae; Ϯ Common Redstart P. phoenicurus) L. phoenicurus  redstart  < Gr. φοινικουρος phoinikouros  redstart  < φοινιξ phoinix, φοινικος phoinikos  crimson, red; -ουρος -ouros -tailed   < ουρα  oura  tail (cf. specific name Motacilla phoenicurus Linnaeus, 1758); "SYLVIA PHOENICVRVS.  Phoenicurus Ruficilla?  Redstart, Redtail, or Shaketail." (T. Forster 1817); "Phoenicurus Forster, 1817, Synopt. Cat. Brit. Birds, 16, p. 53. Type, by tautonymy, Motacilla phoenicurus Linnaeus." (Ripley in Peters 1964, X, 74). According to Aristotle, the Common Redstart changed into the European Robin during the winter, and some of the shared synonyms reflect this old folkloric wisdom.
Var. Phenicura, Phoenicura, Phaenicura, Phaenicurus.
Synon. Adelura, Chaimarrornis, Diplootocus, Dorisornis, Kawabitakia, Nymphaeus, Phaeca, Rhyacornis, Rhondella, Rubecula, Ruticilla, Torrentaria.
● (syn. Phaethon Ϯ Red-tailed Tropicbird P. rubricauda) Gr. φοινιξ phoinix, φοινικος phoinikos  red; ουρα oura  tail (cf. specific name Phaethon phoenicurus J. Gmelin, 1789 (= syn. Phaethon rubricauda)); "Subf. 7.  Phaetoninæ.  ...  19. Phœnicurus, Bp.   70 rubricauda, Bodd. (erubescens, Brandt.)" (Bonaparte 1855).

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