(syn. Netta Ϯ Southern Pochard N. erythrophthalma) Gr. φαιος phaios  dusky, brown; genus Aythya Boie, 1822, duck; "In 'L'Oiseau et la Rev. Franç. d'Ornithologie,' vol. vi. no. 3, p. 377, 1937, I proposed the generic name Phœonetta for Anas erythrophthalma Wied, Beitr. Naturg. Brasil, iv. 1832, p. 929 (Villa Belmonte, S. Brazil). I had overlooked that it had been used for Anas fusca Linn. by Witmer Stone, 'The Auk,' vol. xxiv. 1907, p. 198. I therefore propose the new name  Phœoaythia; type, Anas erythrophthalma Wied.  This peculiar duck differs conspicuously in life from the species of the genus Nyroca, with which it has so far been usually united, in its lighter, more elongate proportions, longer neck, and narrower bill. It is more closely related to Netta and Metopiana. Its distribution in South America and Africa is remarkable" (Delacour 1937).  Var. Phaeoaythia.

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