(Pipridae; Ϯ Crimson-hooded Manakin P. aureola) Specific name Parus Pipra Linnaeus, 1758  <  Gr. πιπρα pipra (also πιπρω piprō, πιπρως piprōs and πιπων pipōn) small bird mentioned by Aristotle and other authors, never properly identified, and formerly falsely linked with πιπω pipō woodpecker. Its association with the colourful Neotropical manakins seems to be arbitrary; "Manakin  ...  Pipra of Linnaeus  ...  a πιπρα, a certain bird, mentioned by Aristotle" (Pennant 1773); "Pipira:— N[ome]. commum a diversas aves da Fam. Tanagridae" (Garcia 1929) (the absence of an etymology indicates that this is a Brazilian Portuguese name, perhaps from an unknown indigenous source); “the name pipira is used indiscriminately for manakins and thraupines in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru” (Sick 1993); "PIPRA Aureola.  PIPRA nigra, capite pectoreque coccineis, remigibus antrorsum macula alba   ...  CORPUS magnitudine Hirundinis, sed brevius, crassius.   ...  REMIGES a latere interiore, in medio, macula alba notatæ. RECTRICES æquales, immaculatæ, nigræ. ROSTRUM nigrum, breve, compressum & fere cultratum, basi tectum. Nares patulæ. UNGUES acuti, curvi.  Differt a Corvo rostri basi non setis tecta; a Monedula ore non vibrissato" (Linnaeus 1764); based on "Avicula forte Surinamens. e nigro rubroque mixta" of Petiver 1709, "Avicula mexicana de chichiltototh altera" of Seba 1734, and Parus Aureola Linnaeus, 1758; "Pipra Linnaeus, 1764, Mus. Adolphi Friderici, 2, Prodr., p. 32. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray 1840,  List Gen. Birds, p. 33), Parus aureola Linnaeus." (Snow in Peters 1979, VIII, 269).
Var. Pypra, Pigra.
Synon. Cirrhipipra, Teleonema.

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