(Pnoepygidae; Ϯ Scaly-breasted Cupwing P. albiventer) Gr. πνοη pnoē  blowing  < πνεω pneō  to breathe; πυγη pugē rump; "Pnoepyga (Tesia) concolor, [drawing no.] 847.    P. pusillus, [drawing no.] 870.  P. rufiventer, [drawing no.] 457.  P. albiventer, [drawing no.] 491" (Hodgson 1844); “Genus Pnoepyga (olim Tesia), mihi.  ...  wings very short, bowed, and perfectly rounded; tail rudimentary, consisting of only six plumes, which are hid by the puffy rump-feathers.  ...  Types, the following: - 1st species, albiventer (M. squamata, Gould, postea), mihi” (Hodgson 1845). The birds of this genus were formerly known as wren babblers.
Var. Proepygia (Gr. προε- proe-  before), Pneopyga, Propyga.
Synon. Microura.

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