(Petroicidae; Ϯ Buff-sided Robin P. cerviniventris) Gr. ποικιλος poikilos  variegated; δρυας druas, δρυαδος druados  dryad, tree-nymph  < δρυς drus, δρυος druos  tree; "Genus PŒCILODRYAS, Gould.   On reference to the figures of the birds I have called Petroica? cerviniventris and P. superciliosa in the third volume of the folio edition and in the Supplement, it will at once be seen that these two species cannot be associated with either of the preceding genera [Amaurodryas, Melanodryas], and must be separated into a new one; this division I have accordingly made, and assigned to it the above appellation  ...  although I have treated them as distinct, a suspicion has arisen in my mind that they may be the sexes of one and the same species; they both differ in form from the typical or true Petroicæ, and are doubtless representatives of each other in the respective countries they inhabit, the P. superciliosa dwelling on the eastern parts of the continent, and the P. cerviniventris in the western." (Gould 1865).
Var. Paecilodryos.
Synon. Leucophantes.

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