(Lybiidae; Ϯ Red-fronted Tinkerbird P. pusillus) Dim. < genus Pogonias Illiger, 1811, barbet; "BARBION (Pogoniulus, Nob.) ayant pour type le Barbion de Levaillant (Bucco parvus Gmel.)" (de La Fresnaye 1843); "Pogoniulus Lafresnaye, Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat., 2, 1844 (1842), p. 463. Type, by original designation, Barbion de Levaillant (Bucco parvus Gmel.) [i.e. Bucco parvus auct., not of Gmelin] = Bucco pusillus Dumont.2   ...   2 Bucco nanus Boddaert, 1783, and Bucco parvus Gmelin, 1788, are based chiefly on the "Barbu du Sénégal" of Daubenton, Pl. enlum. no. 746, f. 1.  I am unable to reocognize in Daubenton's figure any of the so-called African "tinker birds"; nor are either of the names based on his figure in current use." (Peters 1948, VI, 44).
Var. Pogoniolus.
Synon. Barbatula, Barbatulides, Lignobucco, Microbucco, Micropogonius, Viridibucco, Xylobucco.

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