(Lybiidae; Ϯ Bearded Barbet P. dubius) Gr. πωγων pōgōn, πωγωνος pōgōnos  beard; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "2. TROGONIDES, rostro denticulato: } 1. Pogonornis B. (Pogonias Ill.)  2. Trogon." (Billberg 1828); "Pogonornis Billberg, Syn. Faun. Scand., 1, pt. 2, 1828, table A. New name for Pogonias Illiger, 1811, not of Lacépède, 1802. Type, by monotypy, Bucco dubius Gmelin." (Peters 1948, VI, 55).
Synon. Aleator, Apatelornis, Pogonias, Pogonoramphus, Pogonorhynchus.
● (syn. Notiomystis Ϯ Stitchbird N. cincta) "POGONORNIS.  Bill moderate, very slender, and much compressed on the sides, with the culmen and lateral margins gradually curved to the tip, which is strongly emarginated; the gonys long and curved; and the gape furnished with lengthened slender bristles   ...   This type is peculiar to New Zealand. Its flight is rapid; and, if surprised, it elevates its ear tufts, and spreads its tail, which gives it a singular appearance. Its food consists of berries and the larvæ of insects.   P. cincta (Dubus) Bull. Acad. Sc. Brux. 1839, p. 295. t.  —  Ptilotis auritus Lafr. Mag. de Zool. 1840. Ois. t. 11." (G. Gray 1846).

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