(syn. Dendropicos Ϯ Elliot's Woodpecker D. elliotii) Gr. πωλος pōlos  maiden (i.e. small) (cf. πολυς polus  ample (ref. tail)); genus Picus Linnaeus, 1758, woodpecker; "3. Genus POLIPICUS, nobis.  Belonging to the group Gecininæ, G. R. Gray, and allied to the genus Gecinus, Boie, especially to a subgroup of which Gecinus puniceus (Horsf.) is the type.   ...   The present species is unusually small for a bird of the group to which I regard it as belonging.  4. POLIPICUS ELLIOTII, nobis.   ...   This is a very curious little woodpecker, having the general form of and even a larger tail than usual in Gecinus, and in its group is quite remarkable for its small size" (Cassin 1863); "Polipicus Cassin, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 1863, p. 196. Type, by monotypy, Polipicus elliotii Cassin." (Peters 1948, VI, 219).

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