(syn. Calamanthus Ϯ Striated Fieldwren C. fuliginosus) L. pratum, prati  meadow; -cola  dweller  < colere  to inhabit; "PRATICOLA, Sw. ‡   Aspect of Anthus. Culmen not depressed before the nostrils. The upper mandible notched; the margins not inflexed.  Frontal feathers rigid and semi-setaceous.  Wings very short and rounded; the first two quills equally graduated; the five next of equal length, and longest. Tail moderate, graduated; the feathers broad, the tips oval.  Legs very large and strong.  Tarsus and middle toe equal; hinder toe and claw rather shorter; lateral toes equal. Claws slender, and but slightly curved; hinder claw large, and as long as its toe.  Australia.   P. anthoides. Part. 5. No. 185.   ...   ‡ Although this extraordinary form has all the aspect of an Anthus, I cannot but think that this is merely its disguise, and that its natural affinities are in this group [Sylvianæ]. It has a strong resemblance to Acanthiza, and more to Orthotomus, in its tail and wings. I have therefore placed it as the representation of Anthus in this group, until its affinities are better understood" (Swainson 1837) (see Calamanthus).

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