(syn. Spizocorys Ϯ Short-tailed Lark S. fremantlii) Gr. ψευδος pseudos false; genus Alaemon von Keyserling & Blasius, 1840, hoopoe lark; "PSEUDALÆMON FREMANTLII.   ...   Captain Shelley has pointed out to me that this Lark is more nearly allied to the Desert-Larks of the Alæmon group than to Calendula, in which genus I had placed it. The bill is long and exceeds the middle toe and claw, but the first primary is very small, and thus C. fremantlii becomes allied to Chersophilus and Rhamphocorys. It is with the latter genus that its stout bill causes it to be compared, and it has also the same kind of pattern on the face. Rhamphocorys has a uniform back and short inner secondaries, whereas in Pseudalæmon — as I propose, at Dr. Bowdler Sharpe's suggestion, to call this bird — the back is streaked with blackish, as in Galerita." (Lort Phillips 1898); "Pseudalaemon Lort Phillips, 1898, Ibis, p. 400. Type, by monotypy, Calendula fremantlii Lort Phillips." (Peters 1960, IX, 54).

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