Gr. ψευδος pseudos  false; genus Lalage, Boie, 1826, triller.
● (syn. Lalage Ϯ Black-and-white Triller L. melanoleuca)  "PSEUDOLALAGE, nobis, n.g.  General aspect of LALAGE, Boie; but having the rump-feathers strongly spinous, whereas in LALAGE they are quite soft and flexible.   PS. MELANOLEUCA, nobis, n.s." (Blyth 1861); "Pseudolalage Blyth, 1861, Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 30, p. 97. Type, by monotypy, Lalage [sic = Pseudolalage] melanoleuca Blyth." (Mayr in Peters 1960, IX, 196).
● (syn. Neolalage Ϯ Buff-bellied Monarch N. banksiana) "Pseudolalage gen. nov.  Differs from Lalage in having rictal bristles; the bill is more slender. The feathers on the back not so sleek. The feathers of this bird are fluffy, not hard as in Lalage.  Type: Lalage banksiana Gray." (Mathews 1928). 

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