(syn. Loriculus Ϯ Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot L. pusillus) Mod. L. psittacula  little parrot, parakeet  < dim. L. psittacus  parrot  < Gr. ψιττακος psittakos  parrot; "PSITTACULUS vernalis.  Vernal Parrakeet.  ...  This is one of the smallest of parrots, scarcely exceeding five inches in length.  ...  In respect to the situation of this bird among its congeners, we retain it, provisionally, in the genus Psittacula of Brisson and Kuhl, adopting the termination used by M. Spix, to avoid the alteration of specific names. We have not yet had leisure to study the new divisions made in this family, with that attention they deserve; but it strikes us, as a defect in the genus Psittaculus, that it unites birds of the Old and the New World in one group. Except in their size, no two parrots can be more dissimilar in construction than the Indian P. vernalis, and the American P. passerinus" (Swainson 1829).
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