(syn. Garrulax Ϯ Plain Laughingthrush G. davidi) Gr. πτερον pteron feather; ῥις rhis, ῥινος rhinos nostrils; "The so-called Pomatorhinus belongs, in my opinion, to the Timaliinæ.  At a first glance you might pronounce it to be a plain-coloured Pomatorhinus; but on second inspection you notice its feathered and bristled nostrils. Hence what should it be a member of but a new genus? which I would propose to style   PTERORHINUS, gen. nov.  Bill curved, compressed at culmen and expanding at sides, narrowing very gradually to the tip, which is obtuse and without notch.  Nostrils thickly covered with feathers and vibrissæ.  Wings short, rounded; fifth, sixth, and seventh quills longest.  Tail of twelve feathers, moderately long, and the four outer rectrices graduated.  Legs somewhat slender for the Timaliine group, with moderate feet and claws: tarse-scale divided.   The type of this genus, in the shape of the bill, approaches Pomatorhinus; in the clothing of its nostrils it is an exaggerated Garrulax; in the sober uniformity of its coloration it resembles Malacocercus, and in the comparative slenderness of its legs and feet exceeds Leucodiopterum.  I should like to name the species, in honour of its discoverer,  PTERORHINUS DAVIDI, sp. nov." (Swinhoe 1868).  Var. Pterorrhinus.

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