Genus Pyrrhula Brisson 1760, bullfinch; Gr. οψις opsis  appearance.
● (syn. Prosopeia Ϯ Masked Shining Parrot P. personatus)  Reichenbach's 1850, pl. LXXXII, shows a bullfinch-billed, black-faced parrot, scarcely recognisable as to species, but considered by some authors to be a Fijian shining parrot. "Therefore, unless it was assigned earlier to Pyrrhulopsis in a publication of which, after exhaustive search, we are unaware, Coracopsis personata G. R. Gray was not one of the originally included species of that nominal genus (Article 67.2.2 of the Code). It follows that Coracopsis personata G. R. Gray is ineligible for designation as type species of Pyrrhulopsis under Articles 69.1 and 69.2 of the Code. Consequently, Pyrrhulopsis Reichenbach cannot be used for the shining parrots" (Schodde et al. 2014).
● (syn. Touit Ϯ Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet T. huetii); "27. PYRRHULOPSIS, Reich.  -  125. Hueti, Temm.  -  126. Purpuratus, Gm.  -  127. Melanopterus, Gm.  -  128. Porphyrurus, Sw.  -  129. Surdus, Ill.  -  130. Melanotus, Licht." (Bonaparte 1854). "To stop it from replacing the long-accustomed and familiar Touit, we have, immediately prior to submission of this correspondence, applied to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature for its suppression. So that nomenclatural excision is taxonomically clean, we also designate Psittacus huetii Temminck as the type species of Pyrrhulopsis Reichenbach" (Schodde et al. 2014).  Var. Pirrhulopsis.

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