(Recurvirostridae; Ϯ Pied Avocet R. avosetta) L. recurvus  bent, curved backwards  < recurvare  to bend; rostrum  beak; "80. RECURVIROSTRA.  Rostrum depresso-planum, acuminatum, recurvatum.  Pedes palmati, tetradactyli." (Linnaeus 1758): based on "Avosetta" or "Recurvirostra" of Gessner 1555, "Avosetta" of Ray 1713, "Recurvirostra Avosetta Italorum" of Albin 1731, and "Recurvirostra albo nigroque varia" of Linnaeus 1745; "Recurvirostra Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 151. Type, by monotypy, Recurvirostra avosetta Linné." (Peters 1934, II, 290). Linnaeus's Recurvirostra comprised a single species.
Synon. Avocetta, Trochilus.

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