● (syn. Perdicula Ϯ Jungle Bush Quail P. asiatica) L. rubus, rubi  bramble-bush; -cola  dweller  < colere  to dwell (cf. specific name Perdicula rubicola Hodgson, 1837 (= syn. Perdicula asiatica)); "The three next are pigmy Partridges, and exhibit every character of the genus Perdix, both as to form and habits; insomuch that I cannot recognise the genus Rubicola, Hodgson, proposed for them in the "Bengal Sporting Magazine" for May, 1837. Col. Sykes unaccountably ranges them in Coturnix, as if size alone were sufficient to refer them to that group.    5. Perdix Argoondah   ...   6. P. rubiginosa   ...   7. P. erythrorhyncha" (Blyth 1842).
● (syn. Scolopax Ϯ American Woodcock S. minor) Variation (?misspelling) of genus Rusticola Vieillot, 1816, woodcock; "SUBGENUS III. - RUBICOLA, VIEILL.   235. SCOLOPAX MINOR, GMELIN AND WILSON.   AMERICAN WOODCOCK" (Jameson 1831).

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