L. salictarius or salicarius  of willows  < salix, salicis  willow-tree.
● (syn. Acrocephalus Ϯ Sedge Warbler A. schoenobaenus) "Subfam. LUSCINIANA.   Genus SALICARIA.    42. SALICARIA LOCUSTELLA.  GRASSHOPPER WARBLER.  Salicaria locustella, Selby.  Sylvia locustella, Lath. Ind. Orn.   ...   43.SALICARIA PHRAGMITIS.  SEDGE-WARBLER.   Salicaria Phragmitis, Selby.  Curruca Salicaria, Flemm.  Sylvia Phragmitis, Bechst.  Sylvia Salicaria, Lath." (Selby 1831).
● (syn. Locustella Ϯ River Warbler L. fluviatilis) "Class. XXXVII.  GENUS & Species.   SALICARIA   REED WREN    fluviatilis  river    locustella  Grasshopper-lark    nigrifrons  blackfronted    aquatica  water    phragmitis  phragmite    arundinacea  Reedsparrow" (T. Forster 1827); "LOCUSTELLA KAUP [1829]...  1 Although Salicaria Forster, 1827, clearly has priority, the name has not been used for over one hundred years for this group of warblers. Application is being made to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature to suppress Salicaria" (G. Watson in Peters 1986, XI, 50).

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