(Sturnidae; Ϯ Coleto S. calvus) Gr. σαρξ sarx, σαρκος sarkos  flesh; ωψ ōps, ωπος ōpos  face, complexion; "conspicuous pink bare skin covers much of the face" (Feare & Craig 1998); "SARCOPS, Walden.  129.*SARCOPS CALVUS.   Merula calva, Brisson, Orn. iip. 280, no. 36, "Philippines."  Gracula calva, Linn. S. N. i. p. 164, no. 2 (1766), ex Brisson; v. Kittlitz, Kupft. p. 9, pl. xiii. f. 2.  Le Goulin, Montb. Hist. Nat. Ois. iii. p. 420.  Le Goulin gris, Cuv. R. A. i. p. 381 (1829)  Gymnopscalvus (Gm.), Cuv., l.c.  Gymnops griseus, Cuv., ap. Meyen, Nov. Acta Acad. C. L. C. Nat. Cur. xvi. suppl. prim. p. 78.  Gymnops tricolor (L. S. Müller), ap. G. R. Gray, Hand-list, no. 6275, nec L. S. Müller.   ...   1Previously employed by Spix (Av. Brasil. i. p. 11, 1824) for Falco aterrimus, Temm. Pl. Col. pl. 37 = Daptrius ater, Vieillot (Analyse, p. 69A)." (Walden 1875); "Sarcops Walden, 1877 [sic], Trans. Zool. Soc. London, 9, p. 205. Type, by monotypy, Gracula calvus Linnaeus." (Amadon in Peters 1962, XV, 117); .
Synon. CepharcusGymnops.

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Jobling, J. A. (2019). Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology. In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.) (2019). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 26 May 2019).