(Cisticolidae; Ϯ Winifred's Warbler S. winifredae) Gr. σκεπας skepas, σκεπαος skepaos  covering, shelter; μυκτηρ muktēr, μυκτηρος muktēros  nostril  < μυσσομαι mussomai  to blow the nose; “Scepomycter, gen. nov.   Description.—General characters very similar to the genus Artisornis Friedmann, but differs in the shape of the nostrils.  The nostril is practically round, with a small cowl or hood over the upper side formed by an extra horny substance within the nostril depression.   Type of Genus.—Artisornis winifredæ Moreau, Bull. B.O.C. lviii. 1938, p. 139.  Remarks.—At the time Mr. Moreau described this species its position in the genus Artisornis was doubtful, and although the length of tarsus and tail as compared with the wing was remarked on, the character of the nostrils was not mentioned.  There is no doubt that this species is very closely related to Artisornis; but the very distinct difference in the nostrils, together with the length of tarsus and tail compared with the wing, compels us to create a new genus for it.” (C. Grant & Mackworth-Praed 1941).

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