(Apodidae; Ϯ Scarce Swift S. myoptilus) Portmanteau of surname Schouteden (after Dr Henri Eugène Alphonse Hubert Schouteden (1881-1972) Belgian zoologist, explorer in the Congo) and genus Apus Scopoli, 1777, swift; "An analysis of the foot structure of the African Scarce Swuift, Apus myoptilus (Salvadori), reveals that this species cannot longer stand in the genus Apus and, in the absence of any other suitable generic name, should be named:   SCHOUTEDENAPUS, gen. nov.    Diagnosis: superficially close to Apus with which it was formerly confused, but with an anisodactyl instead of a pamprodactyl foot; number of phalangi not reduced in the third and fourth toes; tarsometatarsus feathered.   Type species: Schoutedenapus myoptilus (Salvadori)  ...  Schoutedenapus is a composite word including the formerly used genus name of myoptilus, preceded by the name of Dr. H. Schouteden, my master in African ornithology and Honorary Director of the Tervuren Museum" (De Roo 1968) (Laurent Raty in litt.).

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