(Picidae; Ϯ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker S. varius) Gr. σφυρα sphura  hammer, mallet; Late Gr. πικος pikos  woodpecker  < L. picus  woodpecker; "SPHYRAPICUS, Baird.  Pilumnus, BON. Consp. Zygod. Ateneo Italiano, May, 1854. (P. thyroideus.)   ...   The genus Pilumnus, originally established by Bonaparte, is used in the Crustacea, and cannot, of course, be again employed. In supplying a new name, I consider the old Picus varius as the type instead of thyroideus, which may possibly constitute the type of a distinct genus" (Baird 1858). The sapsuckers drills rows of shallow holes in trees for the sap which then exudes.
Var. Sphyropicus, Sphyrocopus (Gr. κοπος kopos  striking).
Synon. Campoborus, Cladoscopus, Pilumnus.

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