(Lybiidae; Ϯ Yellow-headed Barbet S. anchietae) Gr. στακτος staktos  trickling, dropping  < σταζω stazō  to drip; λαιμος laimos  throat; "gutture et pectore longitudinaliter sulphureo striatis" (Barboza du Bocage 1869); "The ornithology of Africa, on the other hand, is considerably less developed, the opportunities for study and research being few and precarious; it contains types of all three subfamilies, and nearly half of the known species, including the most aberrant forms, are found there: among these is one species which we are unable to identify with any of the received generic types, and which presents sufficient structural peculiarities to found a new genus, for which we propose the following name and diagnosis:—  STACTOLÆMA.  Type S. anchietæ (fig. 1, p. 119).  1. Rictal bristles rudimentary or wanting.  2. Bill with the margin smooth.  3. Culmen acute, inflated.   The first and second features identify it with the subfamily of Capitoninæ; the third distinguishes it from Caloramphus and the remaining genera.  S. anchietæ is the only species as yet known" (C. Marshall & G. Marshall 1870).
Synon. Smilorhis.

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