(syn. Yuhina Ϯ Indochinese Yuhina Y. torqueola) No explanation given; ?Gr. σταφις staphis, σταφιδος staphidos  dried grapes, raisins, perhaps from various shades of brown in the plumage; "STAPHIDA TORQUEOLA, Swinh.  Grey-headed Staphida.  ...  In future, therefore, the Ixulus castaneiceps will stand as Staphida castaneiceps and the present bird as S. torqueola.  ...  The following is the note by Mr. Swinhoe above referred to:-- "I was wrong in referring this species to Hodgson's genus Siva. It is most like an Ixulus with a deeply graduated tail; and on comparing it with Ixulus castaneiceps, which is of similar form, the two birds might with propriety be placed in a subgenus, for which I would recommend the name Staphida"" (Gould 1871 (March)); "Siva torqueola, Swinh. Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. vol. v. 4th series, p. 174.  I described this as a Siva; but it is more allied to the genus Ixulus, from which it differs in having a deeply graduated tail. Ixulus castaneiceps, Moore, is of the same form as our bird; and I would propose to place these two under a new subgenus, Staphida." (Swinhoe 1871 (October)).  Var. Staphidea, Staphidia.

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