(Stercorariidae; Ϯ Arctic Skua S. parasiticus) L. stercorarius  of dung  < stercus, stercoris  dung; skuas pursue other seabirds until they disgorge their food, the disgorged food once thought to be excrement, hence a former name 'Dung-hunter'; "Stercorarius. Genus 101.  ...  **1. LE STERCORAIRE. ... STERCORARIUS" (Brisson 1760): based on "Arctick Bird" of Edwards 1750; "Stercorarius Brisson, Orn., 1760, 1, p.l 56; 6, p. 149. Type, by tautonymy, Stercorarius Brisson = Larus parasiticus Linné." (Peters 1934, II, 311). 
Var. Stercoraria, Stercararius, Stercoreus.
Synon. Atalolestris, Cataracta, Catarracta, Coprotheres, Labbus, Lestris, Oceanus, Praedatrix.

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