(syn. Lalage Ϯ Long-tailed Triller L. leucopyga) Gr. συμμορφος summorphos  of the same shape as (i.e. moderate) < συν sun, συμ sum  together; μορφη morphē  shape, appearance; "Family ———?  Genus SYMMORPHUSBill rather short, swollen, distended at the base, upper mandible slightly notched at the tip; culmen and commissure somewhat arched; nostrils basal, oval, and nearly hidden by the feathers of the forehead; wings moderate, first quill half the length of the second, third, fourth and fifth equal, and longest; tail moderate, the outer feathers on each side a fourth shorter than the others, which are nearly equal in length; tarsi and feet moderate; the former scutellated anteriorly; hind toe and claw shorter than the middle; lateral toes unequal, the inner one the shortest.   SYMMORPHUS LEUCOPYGUS." (Gould 1838); "Symmorphus Gould, 1838, Syn. Birds Austral., pt. 4, app., p. 3. Type, by monotypy, Symmorphus leucopygus Gould." (Mayr in Peters 1960, IX, 196).

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