(syn. Ploceus Ϯ Dark-backed Weaver P. bicolor) Gr. συν sun  together; Mod. L. plectes  weaver  < πλεκω plekō  to plait (cf. συμπλεκω sumplekō  to plait); "Symplectes, Sw. (fig. 249.)  General structure of Ploceus; but the bill is more compressed, the commissure curved, but neither sinuated nor toothed. Wings short, rounded; the first quill half as long as the second, which, with the third, is graduated; the three next are nearly equal, and are the longest. Tail moderate, even. Feet strong. The middle toe abbreviated; inner lateral toe shorter than the outer; hinder toe long, equal to the middle toe.   S. chrysomus. West. Af. i. 170." (Swainson 1837); "Symplectes Swainson, 1837, Class. Birds, 2, p. 279. Type, by monotypy, S. chrysocomus Swainson = Ploceus bicolor Vieillot." (Moreau in Peters 1962, XV, 32).  Var. Simplectes.

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