Gr. συρνιον surnion  a type of owl (see Surnia). 
● (syn. Bubo Ϯ Snowy Owl B. scandiacus) "Syrnium niveum, Snowy Owl." (Morris 1837) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz).
● (syn. Strix Ϯ Tawny Owl S. aluco) "16. SYRNIUM.  Bec épais, assez incliné; narines petites, transverses: oreilles externes grandes et operculées: ongles simples. . .aigrettes nulles.  ...  26. SYRNIUM ululans. Le Chat-huant" (de Savigny 1809): based on Eλεος, Ulula and Συρνιον of classical authors; "Συρνιον, some bird of ill omen, probably an owl" (Ashmolean 1836); "Syrnium, vocabulum factitium, significatione carens, rejiciendum, præsertim cum præsto sit nomen harum avium antiquum, Ulula" (Sundevall 1873).   Var. Surnium, Sirinium, Sirnium.

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