(Thraupidae; Ϯ Yellow-faced Grassquit T. olivaceus) Gr. τιαρις tiaris  tiara  < τιαρα tiara  tiara, head-dress; "G. TIARIS.  Swains. in Zool. Journ. No. 10.   73. Tiaris pusillus.  Olive; crown, ears, throat and breast blackish; eye-stripe and chin golden yellow.  Table land. Temiscaltipec. Real del Monte.  A variety, or probably a young bird of this species now before me, differs in having the black confined to a narrow margin bordering the yellow spots." (Swainson 1827 (June)); "Leaving the genus Ploceus, of which the foregoing are the the most prominent forms, we come to the American group of Tiaris, a small assemblage of pretty little birds, most of which, as the name implies, are crowned with crests" (Swainson 1837).
Synon. Euetheia.
● (syn. Charitospiza Ϯ Coal-crested Finch C. eucosma) "TIARIS.  ...  Bill thick, conic, acute, slightly notched. Wings rather short, rounded; the second, third, fourth, and fifth quills nearly equal and longest. Tail rounded.  Type. Fringilla ornata. Temm., Pl. col. No. 208" (Swainson 1827 (December)).

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