(Tytonidae; Ϯ Common Barn Owl T. alba) Gr. τυτω tutō, τυτους tutous  owl, night-owl; "1. Strix,  2. Tyto B. (Strix Savigny)." (Billberg 1828); "Tyto Billberg, Syn. Faun. Scand., 1, pt. 2, 1828, tab. A.  Type, by monotypy, Strix flammea auct. = Strix alba Scopoli." (Peters 1940, IV, 77). The Common Barn Owl is the most widespread owl in the world, although recent work suggests that some of its subspecies, for example in the Americas and in Australasia, should be elevated to specific status.   
Synon. Aluco, Dactylostrix, Eustrinx, Flammea, Glaucostrix, Glaux, Glyphidiura, Heliodilus, Hybris, Megastrix, Nyctimene, Scelostrix, Stridula, Strigymnhemipus, Strix.
● (syn. Strix Ϯ Brown Wood Owl S. leptogrammica) "Genus Tyto Heine [Myrtha (!) Bp. 1854]" (Heine 1890).

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