(syn. Oxyura Ϯ White-headed Duck O. leucocephala) Mod. myth. (created by Swiss German physician and chemist Paracelsus (d. 1541)) Undine or Undina  a female water spirit  < L. unda  water, wave; "WHITE-HEADED DUCK.  Undina leucocephala.  ...  Genus UNDINA, Mihi.  ...  ON attentively inspecting the genera comprising the European Ducks, as instituted by modern naturalists, it is evident that the present species is not referrible to any of them at present recognised. The contour of its form, the character of its plumage, and especially that of its graduated tail, composed of stiff elastic feathers, together with the large feet and the elevated position of the posterior lobated toe, indicate it to be exclusively aquatic in its habits; so near, in fact, does it approach the genus Hydrobates of M. Temminck, containing the Lobated Duck of New Holland, that we have no hesitation in asserting it to form the type of a closely allied genus.  ...  In its native countries it chiefly inhabits large sheets of saline waters and arms of the sea" (Gould 1834).

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