victoria / victoriae

● Victoria, Australia (named after Alexandrina Victoria Queen of Great Britain) (syn. Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris, syn. Alcedo azurea, subsp. Climacteris picumnus, syn. Colluricincla harmonica, syn. Coracina papuensis robusta, syn. Dasyornis brachypterus, syn. Drymodes brunneopygia, syn. Eurostopodus mystacalis, syn. Halobaena caerulea, syn. Ixobrychus minutus novaezelandiae, syn. Malurus splendens melanotus, subsp. Menura novaehollandiae, syn. Microeca fascinans, syn. Ninox strenua, syn. Oxyura australis, syn. Platycercus elegans, syn. Podargus strigoides, syn. Rhipidura albiscapa alisteri, subsp. Synoicus chinensis).
● Alexandrina Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India (1819-1901; reigned 1837-1901) (syn. Casmerodius albus, Goura, Lophorina).
● Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise Crown-Princess of Germany and Prussia (1840-1901), eldest child of Queen Victoria, and wife to Friedrich Wilhelm Crown-Prince of Germany and Prussia (Lamprolia).
● Lake Victoria (= Victoria Nyanza), East Africa (syn. Cisticola chiniana fischeri, Ploceus).
 Marie Anne Victoire Mulsant née Jacquetton (1777-1854) mother of French ornithologist Martial Mulsant (Lesbia).
● Mt. Victoria (= Nat Ma Taung), Chin Hills, Burma (subsp. Aethopyga nipalensis, syn. Certhia manipurensis, subsp. Pellorneum ruficeps, subsp. Pyrrhula nipalensis, Sitta, syn. Siva strigula yunnanensis, subsp. Trochalopteron austeni).
● Victoria Mts. (= Sierra La Victoria), southern Baja California, Mexico (subsp. Vireo gilvus).

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