(syn. Coracopsis Ϯ Greater Vasa Parrot C. vasa) Nicholas Aylward Vigors (1785-1840) Irish MP, zoologist, editor of the Zoological Journal 1827-1834; "VIGORSIA, SW.*  General structure of Platycercus. Orbits naked. Tail lengthened, even, or slightly rounded; the feathers broad, throughout. Rasorial.  V. vasa. Le Vaill. pl. 81.  niger. Le Vaill. pl. 42.  ...  * I wish to name this interesting group, of which I only know the typical distinctions, in commemoration of the excellent ornithologist who first defined, and ably illustrated, many of the groups in this family; and whose efforts towards determining their natural arrangement have been conducted on sound philosophical principles. I have adopted nearly all the genera proposed by Mr. Vigors, simply because I have found them natural. Those of M. Wagler I have totally rejected: they are not better than M. Lesson's, and have therefore no claim to a preference, even on the score of bare priority: they seem to me, in short, highly artificial and altogether inadmissible.  I suspect that in Vigorsia the tail feathers terminate in fine points (although I have not a specimen to refer to), because I view it as the rasorial type of this circle, representing the Plyctolophinæ." (Swainson 1837).

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