(syn. Setophaga Ϯ Hooded Warbler S. citrina) Alexander Wilson (1766-1813) Scottish/US pioneer naturalist, father of American ornithology.  "Genus 108. WILSONIA, Nob.    138. WILSONIA MITRATA, Nob. (Sylvia mitrata, Lath.) Aud. pl. 90, and pl. 9 young. (Muscicapa Selbyi, Aud.)    139. WILSONIA BONAPARTII, Nob. (Muscicapa Bonapartii.) Aud. pl. 5.    140. WILSONIA MINUTA, Nob. (Muscicapa minuta, Wils.) Aud. pl.  Southern and central parts.    141. WILSONIA PUSILLA, Nob. (Muscicapa pusilla, Wils.) Aud. pl. 124. Southern parts." (Bonaparte 1838); "Wilsonia Bonaparte, 1838, Geog. Comp. List Birds Europe North Amer., p. 23 [reference not verified]. Type, by subsequent designation (Ridgway, 1881, Nom. N. Amer. Birds, no. 124), Motacilla mitrata Gmelin = Muscicapa citrina Boddaert." (Lowery & Monroe in Peters 1968, XIV, 49). Recent work indicated that the members of this small genus be divided between the genera Setophaga and Cardellina.

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