Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Grey-bellied Antbird A. pelzelni) Gr. αμμος ammos  sand; ναστης nastēs  inhabitant  < ναιω naiō  to dwell; "Ammonastes Bravo, Isler, and Brumfield gen. novType species. Myrmeciza pelzelni Sclater, 1890.  ... Loudsongs structurally distinct. Tail lowered slowly and flicked up rapidly, differing from Myrmorchilus and Aprositornis. Forest floor habitat.  Etymology. The masculine generic name is taken from the Greek ammos (sand) and nastes (inhabitant), referring to its preference for habitats growing on white sand soil" (Isler et al. 2013).