Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Cotingidae; Ϯ Chestnut-crested Cotinga A. rufaxilla) L. ampelion, ampelionis  unknown bird, variously identified < Gr. αμπελιων ampeliōn, αμπελιωνος ampeliōnos  unknown small bird, mentioned by Dionysius; "Gen. AMPELION Cab. MSS. 1845.  Procnias Swains. part.  Ampelis Orb. Tsch. part.    1. A. rufaxillus Tsch.  Ampelis rufaxilla Tsch. Consp. Av. Nro. 48." (von Tschudi 1845).
Synon. Heliochera.
● (syn. Carpornis Ϯ Hooded Berryeater C. cucullata) "7. Gen. AMPELION, Cab.    Characteres generalis familiæ. Genus Ampelidis simile sed rostro breviore, altiore, magis curvato, basi latiore, versus apicem compresso; cauda longiore, ptilosi minus nitido.    Typi: Procnias cucullata Swains.   Ampelis rubrocristata Orb." (Cabanis 1846).  Var. Ampelio.