Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Pale-eyed Pygmy Tyrant A. pilaris) Gr. αταλος atalos  delicate, tender; τρικκος trikkos  unidentified small bird. In ornithology triccus signifies tyrant flycatcher; "Atalotriccus gen. nov.  (Tyrannidæ).  Similar to Colopteryx Ridgway (ex Colopterus Cabanis, preoccupied), but head without crest, four, instead of three, outer primaries greatly reduced in size (the reduction excessive and the feathers very narrow and acuminate instead of normal in form), and bill much narrower.  Type, Colopterus pilaris Cabanis = Atalotriccus pilaris.  (Aταλος, tender, delicate; τρικκος, a small bird)" (Ridgway 1905).