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(syn. Cinclosoma Ϯ Painted Quailthrush C. ajax) Specific name Eupetes ajax Temminck, 1835. "[Pie-grièches] Motacilles.  G.: Enicura, Temm. — Asie. — Ajax, Less. — Asie. — (Eupetes, Pars, Temm.)" (Lesson 1839); "Ajax Lesson, 1837, Hist. Nat. Mamm. Ois. découverts depuis 1788, 8, p. 435. Type, by tautonymy and monotypy, Eupetes ajax Temminck." (Deignan in Peters 1964, X, 231).


Gr. myth. Ajax, hero of the Trojan War.
● Temminck 1835, gave the name “Eupète ajax” to the Painted Quailthrush because of its large size (Cinclosoma).