Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ White-shouldered Antbird A. melanoceps) Gr. ακλητος aklētos  uncalled, unbidden  < negative prefix α- a- ; κλητος klētos  called, chosen  < καλεω kaleō  to summon; "AKLETOS, new genus.  Description. - Similar to Attila Lesson, but tarsus longer and beak smaller. Bristles of the gape undeveloped. Beak about as long as the head; its shape is reminiscent of those of Attila and Laniocera Lesson. The outer toe is united to the middle one over a greater distance than in Attila, but not quite to the end of the second phalange. Tarsus pycnaspidean, longer than the culmen and the clawed middle toe, and longer than one-third of the wing length. Tail short and slightly rounded. The fifth and sixth primaries are the longest, the tenth between the second and third.  Genotype:- AKLETOS PERUVIANUS, new species [= Akletos melanoceps ]" (Dunajewski 1948).
Synon. Inundicola.