Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Acanthizidae; Ϯ Scrubtit A. magna) Portmanteau of genera Acanthiza Vigors & Horsfield, 1827, thornbill, and Sericornis Gould, 1838, sericornis; "There has been an unnecessary separation of genera in many families of Australian birds. There is nothing more perplexing to the young student than this, and I have, in cases where there are no differences of external structures, discarded many such genera. It has been found necessary, however, to separate the so-called Great Acanthiza as a new genus Acanthornis, which will appear in a paper on Tasmanian Birds in The Ibis for 1887.  ... *Acanthornis magna, Gould. White-breasted Bush Tit" (Legge 1887); "The largest species of the so-called "Acanthizas" of Tasmania is the Acanthiza magna of Gould, figured as a Sericornis in his Supplement, and described later in his 'Handbook,' vol. i. p. 373, as an Acanthiza. A comparison of this species with its Tasmanian allies, the members of the genus Acanthiza, and with Sericornis humilis, has led me to the conclusion that the structure of its bill and wing warrant its separation from these latter genera, and I therefore propose a new genus for its reception, which I call Acanthornis. The bill in Acanthornis is distinctly curved throughout, and is also laterally compressed, while the bills in Acanthiza and Sericornis are straight and wide at the base, and less compressed than in the former" (Legge 1888).


(Meliphagidae; Ϯ New Zealand Bellbird A. melanura) Gr. ανθος anthos  flower; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "ANTHORNIS, n. Melithreptus, Vieill.  Anthomyza a, Swains.  Furnarius, Steph.  Certhia, Sparr.   A. melanura, (Sparr.) n.  Sparr. Mus. Carls., t. 5.  A. cæruleocephala, Sw.  ...  aEmployed in Entomology" (G. Gray 1840).
Synon. Anthomiza.