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(Atrichornithidae; Ϯ Noisy Scrub-bird A. clamosus) Gr. ατριχος atrikhos  without bristles or hair  < negative prefix α- a- ; θριξ thrix, τριχος trikhos  hair (cf. genus Atrichia Gould, 1844, scrub-bird); Gr. ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "Australian brush-bird Atrichornis rufescens   ...   The ATRICHORNITHIDÆ, brush- or scrub-birds, constitute a family of pseudoscinine, acromyodian Passeres, with two pairs of intrinsic muscles. They are not more numerous than the lyre-birds, comprising only one genus of two species, which also are exclusively Australian in their distribution.  Their external appearance does not indicate any close relationship with the lyre-birds, for in size and general form and coloration they more closely resemble some of our large wrens, with long graduated tails. Their habits are not unlike those of the lyre-birds, and their power of mocking other sounds is equally strong. From Mr. E. P. Ramsay's account of the habits of the species discovered by him, Atrichornis rufescens, we quote as follows: "Only on one occasion did I meet with more than a single bird in the same place. They are always among the logs and fallen trees, overgrown with weeds, vines, nettles, etc., and are the most tiresome birds to procure imaginable. As to their ventriloquial powers, they must be heard to be believed. It is impossible to say what its own note really is."" (Stejneger 1885); "Atrichornis Stejneger, 1885, in Kingsley, Standard Nat. Hist., 4, p. 462. New name for Atrichia Gould [not Atrichia Schranck, 1803 (Insects)]." (Mayr in Peters 1979, VIII, 335).
Synon. Atrichia, Rahcinta.